Farmhouse Bathroom, Part 2

So in my last bathroom renovation post I left y'all hangin' with a completely gutted room! Then I had a baby and forgot to update everyone now that the room is complete. We were actually just barely finishing the room as I was in labor. Luke was putting the last coats of paint on the … Continue reading Farmhouse Bathroom, Part 2

DIY Kombucha Video Tutorial & Patreon

Good day y'all!! I am super excited to show you my latest project! It is a DIY kombucha video! Here's the link: HOW TO MAKE KOMBUCHA | EASY DIY TUTORIAL As you probably know I am a very introverted, shy person. I started this video so many times. I almost deleted it as soon as … Continue reading DIY Kombucha Video Tutorial & Patreon

Top 7 Christmas Gifts For A Homesteadin’ Mama

I'm a very down-to-earth minimalist farm girl. Most of us homesteader types are. So it makes sense that instead of diamonds and pearls, most of us have our mind focused on seasonal produce, farm supplies, natural remedies, and the latest electric fence solar charger. Hence this top 10 gifts for a farm lovin’ mama. 1. … Continue reading Top 7 Christmas Gifts For A Homesteadin’ Mama