How To Make Water Keifer

What! Y'all think I'm obsessed with fermenting stuff? What would give ya that idea? 😉 Ok yeah, maybe I am just a little but obsessed.... But it's all so healthy! So it's a good obsession I think haha Today I'd like to share how I make my water keifer! I also have a YouTube video … Continue reading How To Make Water Keifer

DIY Kombucha Video Tutorial & Patreon

Good day y'all!! I am super excited to show you my latest project! It is a DIY kombucha video! Here's the link: HOW TO MAKE KOMBUCHA | EASY DIY TUTORIAL As you probably know I am a very introverted, shy person. I started this video so many times. I almost deleted it as soon as … Continue reading DIY Kombucha Video Tutorial & Patreon