Top 7 Christmas Gifts For A Homesteadin’ Mama

I'm a very down-to-earth minimalist farm girl. Most of us homesteader types are. So it makes sense that instead of diamonds and pearls, most of us have our mind focused on seasonal produce, farm supplies, natural remedies, and the latest electric fence solar charger. Hence this top 10 gifts for a farm lovin’ mama. 1. … Continue reading Top 7 Christmas Gifts For A Homesteadin’ Mama


Trimming Chicken Wings

It has been my experience that there are always a few gangster chickens in each flock that just refuse to be content in their own pasture. They come out. I throw them back in. They come out again. I throw them back and scowl at them. They come out again. And then I catch them … Continue reading Trimming Chicken Wings