Postpartum Herb Bath

This stuff is magic y'all! I tore in three places during the birth of Sofia, and within 4 weeks you couldn't even tell that I had had a baby down there! My midwife was shocked when she saw how fast I recovered from those rips! And I partly credit my fast healing with using this … Continue reading Postpartum Herb Bath


Sofia Allison: A Birth Story

Sofia's birth was a beautiful thing. Yes, I know every birth is beautiful, but I had no idea what a transforming experience it would be until I went through labor myself. It was the hardest, most amazing, and most terrifying experiences of my life! I have been having a lot of dreams about the birth, … Continue reading Sofia Allison: A Birth Story

Newborn Photos

I know y'all want to see pictures of the cutest baby in the world! Am I right? πŸ˜‰ And no, I'm not biased, why do you ask? So here ya go! These were taken by Sarah Cox Photography, and I love how they turned out! And blessings!

Top 7 Christmas Gifts For A Homesteadin’ Mama

I'm a very down-to-earth minimalist farm girl. Most of us homesteader types are. So it makes sense that instead of diamonds and pearls, most of us have our mind focused on seasonal produce, farm supplies, natural remedies, and the latest electric fence solar charger. Hence this top 10 gifts for a farm lovin’ mama. 1. … Continue reading Top 7 Christmas Gifts For A Homesteadin’ Mama