Trimming Chicken Wings

It has been my experience that there are always a few gangster chickens in each flock that just refuse to be content in their own pasture.

They come out. I throw them back in. They come out again. I throw them back and scowl at them. They come out again. And then I catch them in my big fish net, shout at them for being so rude, and go have another cup of coffee.

And if I know anything about chickens, it’s that once they know they can do something, they aren’t going to be trained to not do that thing. So with our current flock I trimmed their wings as soon as they were completely feathered out, just so they didn’t get any bright ideas.

They probably have no idea that they can even fly – I never gave them the chance.

I was not going to share my tomatoes!

Trimming Chickens Wings

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • A naughty chicken

Step 1: Catch the naughty chicken. This can be the hardest part of the whole ordeal. So what we do is, instead of chasing a chicken all around until I give up in frustration (because they are always faster than me), I just go in there at night when they are all sleeping and can’t run away. Hehehehe! So evil…I know.

Step 2: Get the chicken in the right holding position. If you are doing this by yourself, you can stick their head under your arm, with the rest of their body along your forearm, holding the feet in your hand.

Step 3: Pull out her wing. You want to be very careful to cut only the big long feathers at the end. Just enough so that she can’t fly.


The flight feathers are easy to identify in that they’re the long feathers on the end, under the line of smaller feathers. Right under those small feathers is where we want to cut. You only want to trim one wing though – the point is to make it so that they can’t flap evenly, so then they fly in circles, instead of over your fence.

And there ya go! 20 seconds of work just saved a lot of headaches, and garden produce!

Speaking of chickens, meet the newest gangster:

We got two Blue Laced Red Wyandotte pullets – hatched and raised by my friend over at North Star Poultry (she has some awesome birds you guys!). It’s not even that I needed more hens – they were just so pretty! And I love a colorful flock.



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