My Weekly Digital Day Off

I have started a weekly digital day off.  I set aside one day out of the week where I commit to not using my phone or other electronics unnecessarily.  Of course, I’ll still use my phone if someone needs to get ahold of me, but still turning wifi off and not getting distracted by Facebook notifications and such. So much of our culture is just obsessed with technology.  Not only does it distract us from living real and meaningful lives, it can also cause all sorts of social, phycological and health problems.  The health problems include: vision problems, hearing loss, neck strain, sitting too much, sleep deprivation and drowsy driving, just to name a few.  Technology use has even led to new conditions that exist entirely because of computer, video game or TV use:

  • eThrombosis– a form of deep vein thrombosis that results from long-time sedentary behavior of computer uses
  • Nintendoitis– a condition in the tendon of the thumb from video game use
  • Computer Vison Syndrome– Eye fatigue from looking at computers for long periods of time

I believe technology is a wonderful gift and can make our lives so much more productive….if we use it with purpose and responsibility.  But when we use it so irresponsibly it becomes a huge time waster and we miss half our lives because we are looking down at our phones, instead of looking up and seeing opportunities!  Just think of all the experiences and sights we miss because we are so focused on updating our Facebook status!

The first couple times I left home without my phone I felt naked.  Like “what will I do if I need to look something up or call someone?!”  But really, people used to only have home phones and they seemed to survive.  It’s just a false sense of security.  Now when I go out without my phone I am so much more able to experience what is going on around me and enjoy being with the people I love!  If I’m looking at my phone, I am missing one more of the precious moments I get to spend with Luke. One more smile, one more kiss, one more look. Our days are numbered, let’s be in control of our technology use, not let it control us.


How do you balance the benefits and drawbacks of technology? Do you have a digital day off?

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